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Owing to the controllable pellet/particle feed and the controllable jet pressure and the use of a special grinder, LT 280 can be used exceptionally well in all areas.
Thanks to this combination, LT 280 offers the option of fine, surface-preserving blast applications (low-pressure range) as well as hard blast applications (high-pressure range).
LT 280 is portable, fully pneumatic, economic and easy to operate.
Other options for special applications shall be provided on request.

Control the ice rate setting as per your requirements:
Jet pressure 6.5 bar / ice rate 1 / consumption = 30 kg/h,
Jet pressure 12 bar / ice rate 1.0 / consumption = 40 kg/h,
Jet pressure 12 bar / ice rate 1.5/ consumption = 60 kg/h

LT 280 Double Impact can easily withstand operation up to a maximum jet pressure of 15 bar and an ice rate of 4.
For tough applications such as moulds, ingot moulds, underseal, etc., we recommend the setting (of ice rate 2.5) and for light applications such as interior cleaning, motor washing, switch cabinets, fire protection, etc. we recommend a setting (of ice rate 1).